Connecting With Pins and Cork

I was commissioned to design wall installation piece, that was both a decorative piece of design and functional within the office space. The hedge-fund who commissioned the piece wanted to track their footprint around the world as well as highlighting the parts on the globe where they had most contact with. The shape created is taken from the traditional map structure but the size of the continents vary depending on how important certain parts of the world were to the company. Some countries have also been cropped, and placed differently in order to create a more abstract approach to the traditional map.

As well as being a piece of design to brighten up the space it was created for, I chose to make it out of cork so it can double as a cork board where the Macrosynergy team members could pin up key memories from places they have visited as a company, then at the end of the year photograph the process and advancement of the team, before starting with a clear board for the new year. The cork used was an thick, recycled cork which was later cut all the way through to give that black burnt effect on the edges and then using the same laser cutter, embossing very thin lines to serperate the countries. The interactive nature of the piece was very important for the hedge-fund as it was installed in the office common area, they wanted something that everyone could contribute to throughout the year in order to bring the team closer together in a common project.

Credits & details
Constanza Pinto

@constanzapinto 2023