Enchanted Floor

I was commissioned to design a mosaic floor for a bathroom in Mosaic floor design for an Arts and Crafts style house with the interiors designed by C. F. A. Voysey in 1906–07. This was a delicate task because of the important history  house that was designed by Voysey a pioneer architect and designer from the arts and craft movement in England.

I wanted to create something that gave tribute both to the beauty and importance of Voyseys work as well as being something modern for a young client. The majority of the floor surface area is simple black mosaics with the main feature of the design being the classic doormat that has the name of the house in brass and the year the refurbishment and restoration of the historical features began. The client wanted to bring the house back to its original glory, so the main visual feature of the design was inspired by the traditional clock Voysey created for the house in order to continue the vision of the client of keeping the original soul of the house alive by using small subtle elements.

Design layout of the Enchanted Floor

Credits & details
Constanza Pinto

@constanzapinto 2023