Everstone underwent a rebranding initiative led by Saffron Brand Consultants, an independent global brand consultancy. In my capacity as a designer at Saffron, I actively contributed to the rebranding efforts for Everstone Capital. Headquartered in Singapore, Everstone Capital operates from seven global offices, strategically located in Singapore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, New York, Dubai, and Mauritius. The company specializes in investments in businesses with connections to India and Southeast Asia.

The rebranding project commenced in December 2021.


The challenge:
Outdated brand identity

The existing brand identity fails to accurately represent Everstone's standing in the market. Perceptions still categorize them as solely a private equity firm, and the diverse range of their other ventures, such as being a major player in real estate and a leader in green energy funds, remains disconnected. Each facet is viewed in isolation, preventing the recognition and leverage of the collective strength of the Everstone Group.

Our solutions

We assisted Everstone by offering a comprehensive brand strategy guideline, enabling them to craft a branding approach tailored to their needs.

Everstone brand repositioning

In contributing to the enhancement of Everstone's brand, we guided the company in defining its Brand Manifesto and establishing its tone of voice.

Exceptional brands possess distinctive and authentic voices capable of provoking, engaging, and connecting with their audiences. The way we communicate should be as memorable as our visual identity, forming an integral part of building our brand reputation.

Our Verbal Identity serves as a valuable tool, allowing us to convey messages consistently, authentically, and in a strategy-driven manner to diverse audiences across all touchpoints. Aligned with our Brand Platform, particularly rooted in our personality traits, it actively contributes to shaping the desired associations for our brand.

The design process

Based on the comprehensive data and information collected, Everstone Capital delved into the visual language of its new brand, meticulously assessing three intriguing design options of which option 1 and 2 were rejected as Option 1 is elegant and sophisticated but a bit too regional while Option 2 is sophisticated and bold but lacks determination in the execution.

During this exploration, the focus was on:
  • How to inject the brand personality into a new identity.
  • How to show our international reach while showing our Indian roots and expertise.
  • How to show our determination while being elusive.
  • How to design a brand identity scalable in a variet y of businesses.

Design #1

Indian at heart International in ambition

Design #2

An established brand

Design #3

Credits & details
Saffron Brand Consultants
Constanza Pinto

@constanzapinto 2023