Can a typeface convey a personality?

In our current era of information overload and image saturation, we inhabit an increasingly anonymous world, leading to a diminishing sense of wonder in our society. Tools like the all-encompassing Google have diminished the need for deep contemplation or analysis when encountering information. Even the dynamics of human interaction have undergone a significant shift.

Nowadays, one can acquire a wealth of information about a person before ever meeting them face-to-face or engaging in verbal communication, turning individuals into open books accessible on the internet. Inspired by this concept, I took a random person, unfamiliar to me, and crafted a typeface around their personality using only the information available online. I delved beyond surface-level details, akin to how one might assess these aspects in a conversation. This approach enabled me to distill key elements representing their personality and depict both the person and their online narrative through a unique typeface.

Credits & details
Constanza Pinto

@constanzapinto 2023