I’m a Nerd Not a Geek

Can a typeface portray a personality? We now live in an anonymous world of information and image over exposure. These forces have caused a growing lose of astonishment in our society. Tools such as the all knowing google allow us to rarely have to dedicate much time to any sort of thought or analysis of what we are looking at. Even the manner of interaction between people has changed dramatically. Before seeing a person with ones own eyes and exchanging one word in communication, one can know almost everything about them through the internet, people have become open books.

Taking a random person I did not know, with only the information I could find on the internet, I built a typeface around their personality. I tried to analyse the information a little further than what one would see on a superficial level, in the same way one would judge these things throughout a conversation. This allowed me to extract key elements I saw as part of their personality and portray them as a person as well as their internet story through a typeface.