Title sequence design for a psychological thriller with the plot inspired by the Catholic church and its real life issues. Using traditional images associated with the Catholic religion eludes to the plot behind the series without revealing the story itself. All the iconic Catholic imagery portrayed in the title sequence are submerged underwater, gradually being engulfed by ink,  this is a subtle symbol of the blind eye to many controversial topics surrounding the church leading to the current volatility of the institution itself. The motion of the liquid creates obscurity over the images which mirrors the enigma that is the problematic Catholic church and the taboo that is to talk about. The typography choices were simple but bold allowing them to stand their own ground over the moving images while the principle focus remains on the visual elements.

“The reverse side of Christian compassion for the suffering of one's neighbor is a profound suspicion of all the joy of one's neighbor, of his joy in all that he wants to do and can.” Friedrich Nietzsche