Offnet is a distinctive social platform crafted for genuine, real-life connections. Users can seamlessly book diverse spaces, host events for friends or themselves, and extend inviting privileges to specific individuals. This empowers users to shape their personal social hubs, akin to personalized nightclubs or bars. By leveraging mutual connections, attendees share a comforting familiarity, fostering an environment where they can meet new people within similar social circles. Offnet redefines socialization, harmonizing the convenience of online organization with the authentic experience of face-to-face interactions.

Offnet came to life as my brother Octavio, his partner Nico, and I recognized the need for real-life connections especially during COVID. In a vast digital landscape rich with advantages, a paradox emerges—digital connectivity inadvertently fosters isolation.

Despite the promise of increased connection on digital platforms, younger generation encounters communication hurdles. Arguments among 21-year-olds unfold through impersonal texts, causing isolation and difficulties in expression. True understanding comes from in-person interactions, where subtle cues guide conversations.

The push for sensory stimulation is evident across various fields, from fully immersive exhibitions to theaters. This trend underscores the authentic human need for tangible connections. As the concept of the metaverse gains traction, Offnet emerges as a response, addressing the innate desire for genuine connections.

Taking inspiration from the authentic connections found in small-town environments, such as the bars and markets in Ibiza where my grandma resides, Offnet aspires to infuse this close-knit familiarity into the dynamic landscapes of major cities.

Hence, encapsulating our ethos is the tagline:
Keeping faces real.

Offnet, a fully operational application, is accessible on the Apple Store and via

Currently, it is actively operating in London, boasting the participation of over 20 venues.


The Logo

Within the startup, I serve as both the brand and UI/UX designer, collaborating closely with Nico, our software developer.

The symbolism behind the "O" and "N" in Offnet signifies that finally your life is switching on with Offnet. With our slogan "keeping faces real," we envisioned Offnet as a person—revolutionary, opinionated, and politically engaged like Che Guevara. We affectionately refer to this persona as our "little man."

This concept offers us flexibility to portray various expressions through the little man, allowing for different faces within the brand. For instance, the logo featuring two little eyelashes represents the girl version of the “little man”. Our goal is to maintain logo dynamism with diverse faces while retaining the core elements of O and N.


Despite successfully hosting 20 events on our app, a primary challenge lies in ensuring its financial viability—a common hurdle in app development.

However, shifting people's mindset from viewing the app merely as an event platform to recognizing its potential as a genuine social platform is the real challenge. This distinction is crucial and requires targeted efforts to address.

Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, we've received numerous positive feedback, particularly from women. They appreciate the sense of familiarity and enhanced safety compared to meeting strangers at bars.

Observing a market demand, we're currently in the product testing phase, aiming to secure investments in the coming year. Despite the obstacles, we're optimistic about the unique value our app brings to fostering genuine social connections.

Credits & details
Founder & Product development

Octavio Pinto
Nico Di Cagno
Constanza Pinto
@constanzapinto 2023