Qik is a fully digital bank providing increased benefits and reduced costs, allowing you to manage your finances effortlessly through your phone 24/7. Embracing constant change, we empower you with control through adaptive products tailored to your needs.

Saffron Brand Consultants undertook the branding initiative for Qik, a bank in the Dominican Republic. As a designer at Saffron, I played a significant role in contributing to the rebranding project, which began in June 2022.

The challenge
  Qik aimed to refresh its brand image, aspiring for a lively and approachable identity tailored to resonate with a younger demographic.

Our solution

We supported Qik by providing a comprehensive brand strategy guideline, empowering them to develop a customized branding approach aligned with their goals.

These are the guidelines we provided them with:

  • Brand territory
  • Manifesto
  • Value proposition
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Verbal id

Brand repositioning

Brand Focus: 

Qik aspires to serve as a simple and straightforward facilitator for users.


We are here for the doers and also for the dreamers.
For those who hunt opportunities and for those who make decisions when they arrive.
For those who don't look at their bank and for those who check their cell phones 24/7.
So that they have a bank in their hand and all the time in their hands.
From off to on and from wishing to creating.
Everything in Qik.

Value Prepositon, Values and Personality:

Value Preposition

Qik is a 100% digital bank that offers you more benefits and lower costs, where you receive more for your money, and you can do everything from your phone 24/7. We live in constant change, giving you control with products that adapt to your needs.


  • We are one
  • We live in beta
  • We live with agility
  • We are doers


  • Warm
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent
  • Energetic
Qik’s Brand Strategy on one page:

In contributing to the enhancement of Qik’s brand, we guided the company in establishing its Verbal Identity

Exceptional brands possess distinctive and authentic voices capable of provoking, engaging, and connecting with their audiences. The way we communicate should be as memorable as our visual identity, forming an integral part of building our brand reputation.

Our Verbal Identity serves as a valuable tool, allowing us to convey messages consistently, authentically, and in a strategy-driven manner to diverse audiences across all touchpoints. Aligned with our Brand Platform, particularly rooted in our personality traits, it actively contributes to shaping the desired associations for our brand.

The voice is a reflection of Quick’s personality.

The voice is an extension of our brand, activated through speech or writing, providing greater emotional richness to the brand.

Qik speaks like...
The lively friend.

Based on the comprehensive data and information collected, Qik delved into the visual language of its new brand, meticulously assessing its design.

During this exploration, the focus was on:
  • How to inject the brand personality into a new identity.
  • How to show our international reach while showing our Indian roots and expertise.
  • How to show our determination while being elusive.
  • How to design a brand identity scalable in a variety of businesses

Colour palette

Visual language and movement

Credits & details
Saffron Brand Consultant
Constanza Pinto
@constanzapinto 2023