Tim Berners-Lee, the celebrated inventor of the World Wide Web and the Founder and Director of the W3C, famously live-tweeted the phrase "This is for everyone" during the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony. This tweet was instantly illuminated through LCD lights attached to the chairs of the 80,000 spectators in attendance.

This succinct yet impactful statement served as the catalyst for my personal project, motivating me to delve into the evolving perspectives across generations regarding an element that has become an essential aspect of modern life. I couldn't help but question, "Is 'this' truly for everyone?"

With a global population of 7 billion people, only 40% have access to this nearly indispensable tool that defines participation in what we refer to as "modern society." The internet stands as one of the most influential inventions, rapidly transforming our world. The speed at which dependence on this invention has grown is truly astounding and, admittedly, something I, like many others, am guilty of.

Within this project, I explored the profound impact of this mighty invention on our society and its transformation of different generations. The endeavor was expressed through multiple videos, functioning both as an internet art piece and as an installation showcased at Parsons Paris in 2016.

This project marked my first foray into interactive design work, igniting a passion for further exploration in this type of work, which I deeply cherish.


In order to render this project interactive and impactful, I engaged with 22 individuals, posing 3 questions and requesting them to illustrate their perception of what the internet represents.

1. What is the internet to you?

2. If you only have 5 mins on the internet what do you do ?

3. What life be like without the internet?

This compilation comprises drawings from participants, each reflecting their unique interpretation of the internet. The arrangement is structured according to different age groups (from 8 years old to 59 years old.)

Credits & details
Paris, France
Constanza Pinto

@constanzapinto 2023